What our members say

As a spearhead cluster, we build partnerships between companies, universities, research institutes, associations and governments in Flanders. Through high-impact innovation projects, we support our members in accelerating innovation into business.


The DELICARE project maximally exploits the potential of hydrolysis lignin as a sustainable source of reactive bio-aromatic compounds.

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CropExplore 4 Farmers

The CropExplore 4 Farmers project maps the potential of more than 200 arable crops within the Flemish bioeconomy, with deder, yacon and hemp as demonstration cases.

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PROMIS will help the chemicals and materials industries in the production of more sustainable polyurethanes.

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The BluePlasma project is focused on converting CO2 into CO, which can be used to produce value-added chemicals such as e-fuels and polymers. The project aims to achieve a circular and sustainable economy and reduce CO2 emissions.

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The general aim of NaPoly is to establish a generic library of ligand/polymer combinations that ensure the homogeneous dispersion of nanocrystals at high solid loading.

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The FF-PFAS project aims to gain fundamental understanding about reclaiming and destroying PFAS compounds. This should allow to develop a ground-breaking solution for the complete mineralization of PFAS compounds.

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The BIORESAL project aims to produce biobased LPF resins by replacing phenol with (modified) oligomeric lignin fractions, as potentially less hazardous and sustainable building blocks for their application in insulation materials and moulding compounds.

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Moving from lab scale to pilot scale? Upgrading product portfolios? Expanding market share? Thanks to the Lipametics project, companies are ready to transform research into business.

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Indaver & B4Plastics testimonials

Indaver turns recycled plastics into chemicals. B4Plastics turns chemicals into compostable and degradable plastics. Throughout the entire value chain, Catalisti enables growth through investment.