Project BluePlasma: Circular CO2 conversion by means of atmospheric plasma.


Low-temperature plasma is a promising CO2 conversion technology, because it can activate and transform inert molecules at room temperature and pressure, and reactions are rapid. However, a better insight into the underlying physical and chemical processes is crucial. 

The proposed ICON project builds on CCU(S) projects and technology, as it targets CCU: the conversion of CO2 into its building block CO. From CO, a multitude of value added chemicals can be produced (e.g. e-fuels, monomers, polymers, ...). The project aims to increase the TRL of plasma technology developed at TRL1 to ultimately reach TRL4 (technology validation in a lab environment). 

Within the project, a larger R&D unit will be constructed, covering multiple concepts to improve both conversion as energy-efficiency, taking into account a potential scaling in a subsequent step. 

In addition, the aim of the BluePlasma project is to perform a full techno-economic assessment of atmospheric plasma technology to convert CO2 into CO (and O). The main challenge in the BluePlasma project is to increase the conversion rate and energy-efficiency of the plasma process up to a level where the process becomes economically viable and profitable.

Project details

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Innovation Programme
Proces Intensification and Transformation
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€3 584 429
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