Plastic Waste To Chemicals.


By 2030, 55 per cent of plastic packaging waste in Europe must be recycled. In Flanders, the target for household waste is even 70 per cent recycling. Today, we are a long way from those targets, and so waste processors, chemical companies and knowledge organisations such as VITO are stepping up their efforts. As part of the four-year Catalisti project WATCH, innovative chemical recycling of various types of plastic waste into basic raw materials for plastics and high-quality chemicals is underway.

The WATCH project seeks to improve chemical understanding of plastic waste conversion for the production of key chemicals such as short olefins, waxes, aromatics, styrene and diols. In this project, the aim is to develop, demonstrate and compare three technologies for the conversion of plastic waste to liquid energy carriers and chemicals via (catalytic) pyrolysis.


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Innovation Programme
Circularity and Resource Efficiency
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€2 636 440