Towards sustainable solutions for better malodor elimination.


ODORETION researches and develops technology paths to remediate and prevent malodors in bedrooms, bathrooms and toilets. A research platform with modular methodologies will form a solid basis for identifying the most effective biological and chemical technologies. On top of that, ODORETION aims to be more sustainable than the typically used toxic and less environmentally friendly strategies.  

The importance of indoor air quality 

The world health organization (WHO) lists indoor air quality as one of the most dangerous health threats. Indoor air contains more and even higher concentrations of pollutants than outdoor air. Moreover, people in industrialized countries spend up to 90% of their time indoors. Bad indoor air contains toxic and malodorous compounds, impacting health and quality of life. These compounds originate from living organisms and the release of chemicals related to the production process and/or usage of materials in-house. Several technologies are already available to neutralize these malodors, but unfortunately major drawbacks are still associated with these solutions (e.g. energy-intensive washing steps during production, low durability, extra unsustainable production steps, additional health risks or high cost). With the ODORETION project, we want to improve indoor air quality and the comfort of living in a novel, sustainable and nature-based manner. 

Sustainable and effective technologies 

The main challenge is to eliminate the smell of a complex mixture of volatile organic compounds quickly and carefully. Effective technologies to eliminate and prevent unwanted odors, and thus improve indoor air quality in a sustainable way, are urgently needed. Innovative solutions to tackle malodors can significantly impact good air quality, improving performance, health, and well-being. A central and ground-breaking innovation in the proposed ODORETION project is to identify and process suitable beneficial bacterial strains that can biodegrade and eliminate malodorous compounds and, as such, promote air quality. Plants will be enriched with these beneficial bacteria towards malodor metabolization, and other complementary technologies and methods will also be co-developed.

Application domains 

The project will deliver proofs of concept that translate into technological building blocks for application across industry sectors. ODORETION schedules demonstrators for finishes of mattress covers and protectors that are less smelling, toilet rim blocks, botanical biofiltration units, and sprays for removing malodors in toilets and bathrooms. 

Project details

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Innovation Programme
Biobased Value Chains
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