In the Multi2Recycle project, the goal is to develop ‘Design for Recycling’ guidelines for multilayer plastic food packaging, incorporating both recyclability and optimal barrier properties. 



Plastic food packaging materials preserve and protect the quality of food products and extend their shelf-life. Seemingly ‘simple’ foils for the packaging of a broad range of food products (e.g. cheese, meat) often consist of multiple layers of different polymers, each contributing their own functionality to the overall packaging. Due to the strong physical attachment of these layers, separation to polymer level is not always possible and thus mechanical recycling is hindered. Therefore, the main valorisation route of these multilayer packages is through incineration with energy recovery. Both on European and Belgian level ambitious objectives for the recyclability of food packages have been stated. Based on the European Plastic Strategy, 55% of all plastic packaging needs to be recycled by 2030, while the Belgian Food Industry (FEVIA) states that 65% of plastic food packaging should be recycled by 2023. As a consequence, the search for recyclable alternatives with similar functionality has started.


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