Generic method for hybrid injection development for short-run production.


The general goal of this project is the development of a versatile and industry competitive method for the manufacturing of hybrid injection moulds for short-run injection moulding production series using additive manufacturing (AM) technology.

Hybrid moulds are a combination of a conventional mould frame and mould making strategy integrated with core and cavity that are produced via technologies such as Additive Manufacturing.

The main project output will result in a production method that combines reduced lead-times and high quality (comparable to an injection moulded part with a classic mould) output of the final injection moulded parts.

The project aims to develop the necessary knowledge and specific technologies covering all the aspects that are necessary to incorporate advanced mould making into new and pre-existing production lines. These aspects include product development, mould design and making, and final part production.

Wihtin this project, the combination of conventional mould frames and the following AM-polymer-based technologies and materials will be studied:

  • UV curable AM epoxy and acrylic resins via VAT based an material jetting technologies
  • Fusion based technologies (PA11/12 materials)
  • Binder jetting technology

Project details

Project type
Innovation Programme
Advanced Sustainable Products
Circularity and Resource Efficiency
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€2 216 856
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