Flemish Algae Platform

The goal of this project is to create a network for all Flemish organizations (companies, research institutions and associations) that currently have activities concerning micro algae or that would like to have activities with micro algae in the future.

Flemish Algae Platform

This network will facilitate and encourage the embedding of existing algae activities and the development of new micro algae related business activities. The activities which will be carried out in this project aim to map, inform and motivate the various actors in the algae value chain and guide their innovation trajectories. The Flemish Algae Platform will also identify and resolve collective needs of technological, economic and regulatory nature, creating a favorable environment for the development of a Flemish micro algae economy. 

In the field of micro-algae there is a strong need for such a project because of the strategic importance and the early development stage of most of the activities and collaborations.


On their own initiative, several research institutes and companies active in the ‘algae economy’ founded the ‘Flemish Algae Platform’ on their own in 2009. The goal was to promote algae, to manage the existing initiatives, to represent the Flemish algae activities abroad and to develop and communicate a micro algae vision and roadmap in order to support Flemish policy in this matter. Up to now the VAP functioned thanks to the voluntary contribution of the initiators. Some very successful events around microalgae were organized with an unexpectedly large turnout (more than a hundred companies and knowledge centers active in all Flemish sectors: chemistry, life sciences, textiles, food, agriculture, technology, energy, government).

Within the framework of the new competence pool FISCH, the algae activities will be expanded. As with any FISCH Innovation Program, a roadmap will be developed for the Micro-Algae Program. The roadmap will provide a description of the value chain as well as a long-term vision linked to specific needs to enable its realization. In addition to developing the roadmap, there is also a need for networking and innovation stimulation, the VAP project will fill these needs. The VAP project will be a breeding ground for initiating concrete collaborative and collective projects that fit within the FISCH Micro-Algae Innovation Program.

More information on www.vlaamsalgenplatform.be.

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Biobased Value Chains
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