EnzymASE 1

Enzymes for Added Sustainability and Efficiency

EnzymASE 1


Enzymatic conversion offers the chemical industry to produce products with higher selectivity at lower temperatures resulting in better product quality, a safer working environment and a more sustainable production platform. Some drawbacks however inhibit the conversion from chemo- to biocatalysis, i.e. high investment costs, longer batch times and the stability and re-usability of enzymes, especially in presence of certain chemicals and/or conditions.


The overall goal is the production of a variety of added value molecules through different types of enzymatically catalysed reactions, e.g. esterification, amination, oxidation, reduction, hydrogenation, stereoselective addition,… The selection of chemicals/reactions will be made by the partnering companies (currently 3M, Eastman, Nutrition Science). Biobase Europe Pilot Plant will be responsible for upscaling and initial production. This project will tackle the current challenges and will provide several proofs of concept to induce/introduce biotechnology in the Flemish chemical industry.

EnzymASE 1

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Innovation Programme
Biobased Value Chains
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