BIOLOOP: Decision support model for BIOmass LOgistics OPtimisation.



Flanders has put forward an ambitious plan to catalyze the transition towards a more biobased economy. Within the region, there is extensive know-how and expertise in biomass valorization, (bio)catalysis, green chemistry and industrial biotechnology. There are also large amounts of undervalorized biomass, geographically spread over the region. Organizing the effective and efficient mobilization of biomass residues is one of the key drivers for the successful performance of the cascading biorefinery approach. In many cases, efficient supply chains are key to turning bioeconomy innovations into economically viable success stories. Thanks to its central location within Europe, Flanders is an international leader when it comes to logistics, transport infrastructure and knowhow.  


The main aim of the BIOLOOP project is to create a knowledge framework to support the design and optimization of biobased supply chains in Flanders. To reach this ambitious goal BIOLOOP will generate new insights into the mobilization of (residual) biomass and how technological, economic and social parameters and constraints shape existing and new supply chains. All the knowledge and rules will be integrated into four new generic decision support models (DSMs) to simulate and optimize the mobilization of biomass feedstock dealing with multi-feedstock and multi-high value applications and considering circular and sustainable principles, novel business models and collaboration strategies. 

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Innovation Programme
Biobased Value Chains
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€2 324 240