Peter Roose is the new chairman of Catalisti and Moonshot


Peter Roose is the new chairman of Catalisti, the spearhead cluster for innovation in chemistry and plastics. Peter Roose will also become chairman of the governance board of Flanders Industry Innovation Moonshot, a program of the Flemish government that invests 20 million annually from 2020 to 2040 in groundbreaking research into climate-friendly technology.

Wouter De Geest en Peter Roose

A month after the appointment of Tine Schaerlaekens as managing director of Catalisti, there is also a successor for Wouter De Geest, the chairman of the board of directors. Peter Roose is now taking over this task to help realize the sustainable and competitive transformation of the chemical and plastics processing industry through collaboration and innovation.

Peter Roose graduated as a doctor in Chemistry from Ghent University in 1997. He also obtained a post-academic master's degree in industrial management from the European Management School in Brussels. After starting his career at Texaco Global Products, he started working at UCB Chemicals. He was given increasing responsibilities in the field of business development and R&D for the global Functional Amines, Derived Specialty Amines and Crop Protection divisions within the Taminco group. In that role, he worked on the implementation of an open innovation model with several long-term scientific collaborations with universities and research institutes around the world. After the integration into Eastman, he became site director for Eastman's new EMEA technology center in Ghent at the university's science park. In May 2021, he was given responsibility for both EMEA Technology operations and the role of sustainability director of functional films. Peter has been one of the driving forces on the Catalisti board of directors for years.

I strongly believe in the power of collaboration as an answer to the gigantic transformation we face.

Chairman Peter Roose

“I strongly believe in the power of collaboration as an answer to the gigantic transformation we are facing,” said chairman Peter Roose. “It is by bringing people together that innovative ideas are converted into concrete change. That's exactly the essence of what Catalisti is trying to do. I strongly believe that, together with other clusters and across borders, we have all the assets here in the EU to make the sustainable transformation a success. It is with great sense and ambition that I take on the role of chairman at Catalisti.”

Former chairman Wouter De Geest thanks his successor: “With Peter Roose as new chairman and brand new managing director Tine Schaerlaekens, Catalisti is led by the strongest possible tandem. They both have in-depth knowledge of the R&D landscape in Flanders and in particular the chemical industry. Like no other, they can deploy strategic resources effectively to help realize a necessary transformation in our region. With Peter and Tine at the helm, I look forward to the future of Catalisti and Moonshot Flanders with confidence.”

“I am pleased that an active company member will now become chairman of Catalisti,” says managing director Tine Schaerlaekens. “Peter Roose, who works for the multinational Eastman with a stock exchange listing in the US, has been a strong ambassador for Flemish innovation for years. Now he can also take on that role as chairman of Catalisti. We face major challenges: a difficult economic climate, ambitious climate and environmental goals, intense competition for raw materials and source materials. We need to take Catalisti to the next level and generate even more impact. I look forward to working hard on this together with Peter.”

About Catalisti and Moonshot

As a spearhead cluster, Catalisti spends around 10 million euros per year. Catalisti's innovation brokers initiate and support partnerships between companies, universities, research institutions, associations and governments in Flanders. Through high-impact projects, they support Catalisti members in accelerating innovation into business. Catalisti currently has 26 active projects. Flanders Industry Innovation Moonshot has 25 active projects and invests 20 million euros annually in research and innovation projects from Flemish universities and recognized, independent research institutions. The Moonshot initiative aims to develop groundbreaking, climate-friendly technologies through innovative research by 2040.