Innovfest 2.0


Six different spearhead clusters with a common goal: stimulating innovation in companies!

Campaign image Innovfest 2.0

In Flanders there are six sectors that are of strategic importance to the region: food, logistics, healthcare, energy, chemicals and the marine sector. For each of these sectors there is one cluster that is recognized as the most important point of contact by the Flemish government. These clusters act as central hubs for each of the mentioned sectors and play a crucial role in driving innovation, collaboration and growth within their respective domains.

Clusters play an essential role in the innovation landscape as facilitators, matchmakers, influencers, subsidy advisors, bridge builders, need detectors, project implementers and knowledge sharers.

During InnovFest 2.0 we immerse you in a world of change, made possible by these spearhead clusters and realized by the Flemish business community. The entire ecosystem is discussed during the event.

Mark your calendar: On February 20, 2024 you are very welcome in Lamot, Mechelen. Be inspired by our keynote speaker Jürgen Ingels and discover fascinating sessions in the break-out rooms.

It promises to be an inspiring day!



2:30 PM Reception


  • 3:00 PM Research Clusters by Elvira Haezendock, Vrije Universiteit Brussel
  • 3:15 PM Keynote by Jürgen Ingels from SmartFin
  • 3:50 PM Jo Brouns, Minister of Work, Economy, Innovation and Agriculture in the Flemish government

4:00 PM Coffee break

4:30 PM Breakout rooms

  • Sustainability
  • Human Capital
  • Energy

6:00 PM Reception

7:00 PM End