BEL-COO replaces BEL-SME programme


VLAIO, SPW Recherche and Innoviris have replaced the BEL-SME financing programme with BEL-COO. This new programme is open to both SMEs as well as large enterprises, and allows for both research and development projects.


BEL-COO is a financing programme focused on Belgian enterprises aiming to execute a joint R&D project with enterprises from other Belgian regions (Flanders, Wallonia and Brussels). The duration of a BEL-COO project must be between 12 and 36 months.

BEL-COO replaces and extends the BEL-SME programme. BEL-SME was restricted to development projects and was only eligible for SMEs. BEL-COO is eligible for both SMEs and large enterprises and allows both research and development projects. 

Consortium requirements

The project consortium should consist of at least two enterprises from two different Belgian regions. Research institutes can participate as a subcontractor or research partner. They cannot, however, participate as a direct contractor. 


For more information about the new programme, please contact catalyst Johan De Houwer ( (jdehouwer[at]catalisti[dot]be)) or visit the VLAIO website