AmCham EU praises Plant on a Truck project


In a recently published report, the American Chamber of Commerce to the European Union (AmCham EU) has listed Catalisti's Plant on a Truck project as one of 15 innovative industry solutions that drive a sustainable future.

Plant on a truck

Finding an innovative solution...

The production of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) is a material-intensive activity, due to the volume of raw materials and chemicals used. In the past, these were difficult to discard. With Plant on a Truck, however, material loops can be closed and specific chemicals can be recycled in order to maintain their value. Specifically, Janssen Pharmaceutica uses the mobile plant, limited to three containers, to treat liquid waste streams from the production of canagliflozin (API of InvokanaTM) in a cost-effective and environmentally sustainable way. The plant enables extraction of the catalyst zinc and recycles it at a partnering metallurgy company, while the rest of the wastewater is treated at Janssen's Geel site.

... to drive a sustainable future

By closing material loops through reuse and recycling, Plant on a Truck reduces manufacturing costs and avoids the production of waste. Indirect effects include reduced emissions of CO2 and road transport. Further assessments of Plant on a Truck are looking at treating additional waste streams, such as waste layers remaining from the production of abiraterone (API of Zytiga®).

To discover the other innovative solutions listed by AmCham EU, please read AmCham EU's full report.